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Multi-faceted, soulful and undeniably enthralling, Kris Alberts can envelop you with the soothing tides of her voice and tear your heart out with the sheer force of her passionate delivery. A singer, a songwriter and captivating performer- the stage is her home.

Kris Alberts- the incredibly talented young singer-songwriter, actor and performer's story is extraordinary and incredibly inspirational: from child refugee to pop star.

"My artistic journey has been long, tangled, inspired and unrelenting..."

Kris Alberts, born Kristina Asriyan, grew up in a multilingual home in Brooklyn, NY. She immigrated to the US with her musician parents and older sister as refugees. Despite surviving a pogrom, multiple moves across countries, continents and states- Kris' parents raised her in a home full of love and passion for the creative and performing arts.

"Music, performing arts, were not only our bread and butter but our most personal love language"

Kris was introduced to a multitude of musical inspirations from early childhood. From Verdi to Earth Wind & Fire to Abba. It is no wonder Kris' musical styling is a blend of infectious pop grooves, rock & soul of yesteryear with contemporary top 40 hit-making flair.

"Music was around me from the day I was born. I find it almost magical. That one note, one chord, one lyric or one song can have such an affect. I love the way music makes me feel; empowered, vulnerable, nostalgic, excited...That special moment when you hear a song that sounds like your heart spilled all over it."

With the support of her family, Kris spent time honing her raw talent in music school, in many festivals and competitions. At only 15, Kris was named winner and artist of the year of a NYC singing competition. She went on to graduate from the renowned LaGuardia HS for Music & Performing Arts, made famous in the film "Fame", as well as the American Musical & Dramatic Academy.

At home, Kris spent time developing herself as a songwriter, writing with her sister Julie and recording demos with her dad in his home studio. Her incredibly loving relationship with her dad Albert would be cut tragically short with his sudden passing.

Experiencing the unimaginable loss of her beloved dad and music mentor, Kris stepped away from writing and recording for a while to focus on music education. She returned to making music however with more heart, more soul and more passion and drive then ever before after her sister gifted her a guitar.

To honor her dad, Kris changed her stage name to Kris Alberts.

After releasing multiple covers of hit songs, Kris  began gaining a devoted following.

She spent 2014 in studio recording her debut record.

Multifaceted and undeniably enthralling, Kris Alberts' EP "Not Gonna Lie", a personal record for which Kris has written every song is released June 9, 2015.

The 6 song EP is a mix of musical styles, rhythms and grooves- but all undeniably, Kris. Covering the familiar themes of love and loss, the songs are both incredibly personal and incredibly universal.  From her playful and cheeky debut pop hit "Favorite Mistake" which held steady at  # 1 on local NY DaNu Radio for a week to the soulful and majestic ballad "One more time" - a song written to her father.

"She is soul, she is fire and she's so relatable- because everything Kris writes, she writes from her heart" says her sister and creative partner Julie.

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