Kris alberts debut ep drops 2015

Kris Alberts, the incredibly gifted and electrifying singer-songwriter from NYC will be releasing her long anticipated 6-song debut EP in early 2015. The lineup of songs that are sure to be hits are varied in sound and inspiration but are all very distinctly, Kris.

"She is soul, she is fire, and she is so relatable...because everything she writes, she writes from her heart." says her manager, sister and closest confidant, Julie.

The undeniable pop hits that invade your ears and body and never leave you, the soulful and deeply personal ballad and the raw club thumping juggernaut can all be found on the album. It is a fantastic showcase of Kris' irrefutable talent as both singer and songwriter as well as her intoxicating presence as a performer.

"My artistic journey has been long, tangled, inspired and unrelenting. Music was around me from the day I was born. I find it almost magical. That one note, one chord, one lyric or one song can have such an affect. I love the way music makes me feel; empowered, vulnerable, nostalgic, excited and so on. That special moment when you hear a song that sounds like you heart spilled all over it. “That’s my song” That’s what I want to bring to anyone who will listen to my music. I want my song to be “your song.” Like most artists I write as a release; to find some way to express what’s on my mind or my heart that I can’t just talk about. Whether I’m writing my own story, someone else’s story, or something from my imagination what’s most important for me is that you listen to my music and my lyrics and they make you feel something,  and that somewhere somehow we become closer because you can relate to what I’m singing. This record is an absolute fun time and while we are both jamming to “our song” I think you will definitely feel the energy of this record."

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